April 27, 2016

Designers & Industry Professionals

Interior Designers

If you are an interior designer or architect, Window Solutions can assist you in making your rooms and structures more visually appealing as well as more environmentally comfortable. With the combination of our years of experience plus our close association with the Solar Gard Company we will provide your clients with the best service and highest quality products available today.

As a designer, you may have experienced a time when you wanted to use a certain darker fabric, floor covering or piece of furniture in a room, but opted not to because the room received too much direct sunlight and the furnishings would have fading problems. Or perhaps you redecorated a space with spectacular views but had to cover much of that view with window treatments because of heat or glare problems.

You can solve these design problems by using window film. Installing film on windows receiving direct sunlight will give you the freedom to use virtually any fabric or floor covering in any color, even if its placement will be in full sun. Using film you can uncover large expanses of glass, letting in the open vistas, without letting in all the heat and glare.

You can also let your clients know that by using window film, their precious artwork will be protected from UV and heat damage.

Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with one of our representatives so we may show you how to utilize window film to solve your design problems.


Glass walled commercial buildings have been with us for decades, and for decades they have had the same problems: temperature fluctuations due to solar gain, high HVAC costs, and the inevitable glare problems. And even though the glass wall building has a uniform, clean look, if one can see into the individual offices the overall effect tends to look “cluttered”. The use of window film holds the solution to all of these problems.

Through the use of window film solar gain can be reduced by as much as 80% and UV can be reduced up to 99%. Studies have shown that using window film on the south, east and west-facing windows can reduce HVAC costs by 10 to 30%. And if you specify a tinted window film, the building will have that uniform look you originally had in mind, regardless of the configuration of the space inside.

Elegant Effects Glass Tinting can provide you with a free energy analysis of your commercial project. Please contact us today so we can show you in greater detail what window film can do for you.