Will window tint cause glass to break?

Glass breaks from improper stress.  There are five types of stress which may cause glass breakage:

1.  Thermal Stress–from absorption of improper solar radiation.
2.  Tensile Stress–from the weight of the glass itself.
3.  Mechanical Flexing Stress–from wind.
4.  Impact Stress–from flying objects, hail, baseballs.
5.  Twisting Stress–from building or window frame sagging or settling.

The first type, thermal stress, is the only one which window tinting can effect if the incorrect film is applied. This is why it is critical to make sure your window tint proffessional is certified to match film to glass. Elegant Effects Glass Tinting is certified by the window tint manufacturer for the correct film to glass application. Solar Gard is confident that if there certified installers recomend a film for your windows, that they will back it up with a five year glass breakage warranty on Solar Gard window tint and a ten year glass warranty on Panorama window tint, please see your dealer for details. There are also other factors which will increase thermal stress such as: partial shading of windows from overhangs, tightly fitting drapes or blinds, signs or decals on windows, heating and cooling vents directed at glass. In addition, different types of glass (annealed versus tempered, clear versus tinted) have different solar absorption rates and will withstand different degrees of thermal stress.

The window film manufacturers have recommended film-to-glass tables for use by certified dealer installers. If a consumer is ever in doubt, he/she should request a copy of such guidelines.

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