April 27, 2016

Solar Gard® Low Emissivity Winter/Summer Film

Your best choice for year-round energy savings

Solar Gard® Silver AG 50 Low E window film can reduce your energy consumption during both cold and warm periods, providing year round energy and cost savings. The specialized low e coating on Silver AG Low E window film provides your building with exceptional benefits including:

  • Reduces winter heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into your building
  • Reduces hotspots in your building during the summer months
  • Improved year-round occupant comfort

Silver AG 50 Low E lets in more natural light than other low emissivity (low e) window film products, resulting in:

  • Increased daylighting benefits over other insulating window treatments, minimizing your need for interior lighting and improving occupant productivity
  • Superior interior and exterior views

For further information on Silver AG 50 Low E, download the product data sheet.

We also offer the Silver AG 25 Low E for commercial applications. That require a darker film.